Samsø Pianofestival | 1. august 2019 | Boogie & Blues


Luca Sestak playing boogie and blues

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When Luca Sestak published his first videos of him playing the piano on YouTube at age 11, he most likely didn’t expect that it would escalate: 10 Years and 16 million video views later things have moved on a lot: Playing shows all over Europe, the US at festivals and concerts with headliners like Jamie Cullum or Gregory Porter, China, and Tunisia, as well as TV performances and numerous radio broadcasts.

Boundaries, limits? There are none! Jazz, Blues, Funk, Pop and even Classical music are thrown into a pot, being mixed up and combined with each other – what comes out is his very own style as unique as indescribable.

At the latest when every foot in the audience is stomping to the beat, Chopin learns how to play the Blues and „House of the Rising Sun“ gets funky, you know: This is no „piano concert“ – this guy rocks!

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